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There is a lot to include in your resume, and all that is included here might appear to be too much for just a couple of pages. This is a full overview, and some of the sections in your resume might only be a line or two, or a couple of bullet points. For example, if you are applying for a role out in a remote area, and you live nearby.

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Contact details should never be placed in a resume header. Recruitment software can miss this because they have difficulty reading information in headers and footers. This brief personal profile should be around six lines in length and written in the first person — try to avoid writing in third person eg. Anna has …. The first sentence should be one sentence about you, and what you bring to the job, after this, you should give your attributes and skills which are suited to the role. A good resume would include a list of 10 to 15 key skills which would be linked to the position you are applying for.

If you find you are struggling with this, a quick tip is, if the job was advertised, the advert or the job description could give pointers to required skills which are essential. In some cases they list skills which are desired, you can match these to your skills while creating your list. As you compile your list of skills and abilities for a resume, think of things you have learned or done which fall into any of the following:.

In this section, it would just be names of software or any technology you know how to use. A few examples could be:. This would be more suited for individuals who are lacking in work experience, such as graduates. Personal attributes are a great way of demonstrating you are the right person for the position. However, again, be sure to elaborate on each attribute, and not just leave it at one word.

In this section, you only need to show your highest attainments in your education. Results are not required unless they help prove how suited you are for the position. Therefore, you should merely just list what level schooling you completed, where, and what year. If you have space, you can add a short bullet list of your academic achievements, or groups you took part in while in school or tertiary education.

This starts with your most recent role and works backwards. This should consist of position title and the dates you worked in that position.

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You should also list your key responsibilities in each role. If this application is your first job, you can add other elements to demonstrate your experience:. For each one, be sure to add things you accomplished while in this job, along with contributions you made to the company. You should list three people who will recommend you as an employee. These individuals would ideally be people you have worked directly with and reported to. Referee details should include: Name, position title and their contact details should be listed either phone number or email.

If you go through an employment agency, they use software which scans resumes and picks up on keywords and common resume phrases. To make sure the right keywords are used, check the ad or job description and list what they use. One of the best places to add keywords is in your professional summary which would be your opening statement. Aside from catching the attention of software, it needs to be written in a way which would grab the attention of anyone reading it.

This is a debatable question, many strictly say your resume should only be a couple of pages long. It can be very confusing, because not one size fits all, and if you have more than a couple of pages worth of information which is relevant, you could spend ages trying to condense it when there is no real need to.

Maybe this is because managers are not interested in flicking through multiple sheets of paper. A resume that tends to be too wordy or long, a potential employer could be tempted to just put it aside, or worse still, file in the waste bin!

It is this manager who you need to impress, and you need to do that with one quick glance, hence the reason why a shorter resume is preferable over a longer one. Because it will regulate itself to the relevant information, you have detailed in it. Here are the tips on how to construct your resume which will self-regulate and find its own ideal length.

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One of the biggest questions which get asked, and with good reason, is, should I change my resume for each application? However, things do change, and now resumes, and job applications are stored in employers databases. Depending on the position, and when done correctly, customising your resume for an application can reap the rewards. It will also do two things for you:.

Resume Components

It does, however, mean it meets the criteria of the position you are applying for. Our candidate in the resume example above details her study abroad and tutoring experience. Furthermore, she quantifies her achievements during these experiences:. She even includes numbers to illustrate the extent of her research during her study abroad program:.

Hiring managers love seeing numbers that quickly and concisely convey the value of your work. These are just a few of the skills that most college students pick up through their studies alone. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer College Student Resume Example Writing a resume as a college student without work experience is no easy feat. Build My Resume Now. View Example. College Student Resume Text Format. Text Format Contact HarperStewart gmail.

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Education B. Emphasize your education Getting a degree is a full-time job. Here are a few items a good Education section should include: Institutions Attended — Did you start off at a community college? Maybe you tried your hand at a trade school before taking the university route, or vice versa.

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Make sure you include the details institution name, area of study, and the years in which you attended in your resume. A student in the Theater department is probably having a very different collegiate experience than one in Engineering. Hiring managers like to see numbers, as they help easily assign value to your achievements.