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This can also be seen as "punishment" or "payback" as the tickler could be using the tickling as retribution from a previous tickling experience or "prank". In sexual fetishism , tickle torture is an activity between consenting partners. A torture session usually begins with one partner allowing the other to tie them up in a position that exposes bare parts of the body, particularly those that are sensitive to tickling. Though many parts of the human body are deemed ticklish, tickle torture is commonly associated with the tickling of the bare feet or armpits.

The bondage methods of the tickling usually follows the same basic methods. The object of the bondage is to render the victim unable to remove themselves from the tickling, as well as rendering the ticklish areas of the victim vulnerable. The victim is usually bound in a sitting or lying position rather than a standing one as to expose the soles of the feet which are often among the areas upon which tickling is inflicted.

The restraint of the arms above the head leaves the upper body and underarms susceptible to the tickling.

This enables the torturer to use whatever they want, e. In VeggieTales 's Esther Thus, tickle torture serves here as a family-friendly depiction of capital punishment.

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The TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a recurring character named Don Turtelli whose main form of torture was to take a feather to the soles of the feet of his captives. These fictional writings can portray a fantasy of a desirable character, often a celebrity, being restrained and interrogated. These stories are not always sexual, although they are mostly the object of sexual fantasies and dreams. Because of the fantasy element of the plot, the characters are often magical or the circumstances are completely imaginative.

In one of the light novels of the Naruto Secret Chronicle series, the shinobi Sai uses tickle torture on an ANBU member he was interrogating, as the man had been taught to withstand traditional torture. The action succeeded in them finding the location of their comrade, Sakura Haruno.

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