The Wedding Diary (Choc Lit): Fabulously funny, feel good read (Charton Minster Book 4)

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Just a touch, but it is softened ever so slightly — maybe not so much through the actions of Snyder and the filmmakers, but simply because Jeffery Dean Morgan is so great as this character. If any character is given the short shift in the film, it is Ozymandias. We get a very truncated version of his story here. A very light touch on his Alexander obsession. Two hours and 40 minutes and it went by like a blink for me. Just two days before seeing this film, I sat and watched the 5 and a half hour barely animated comic of the WATCHMEN which has every word, every scene and frame explored.

This is a different animal. This is a movie. One that got cheers from my audience. That had wildly enthusiastic lovers — and those that dismissed it entirely.

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What is right? He never once felt silly or weird. He was beautiful, otherworldly, human and a god on earth. When Manhattan spoke I was stunned. It was absolutely NOT the voice I ever heard in my mind. I always imagined the voice of a God. Perhaps, Orson Welles. He sounds like a scientist. Someone that is absolutely no longer one of us, but was once one of us. Watching that would be a bit much I think. But she feels like someone who can no longer relate or tolerate her lover.

She is transitioning from being what her mother wanted her to be. Now the sad thing is… no matter what Zack could have done, we never would have had nearly enough Rorschach. I have never been satisfied with the amount of Rorschach that exists. His monologues from Journal entries. Everything about him. The audience loved everything that Rorschach does. Be it with the mask, without the mask, empowered, allegedly helpless, grownup or as a child. Rorschach is a brilliant character. Rorschach is the ID of those wishing vengeance and retribution.

He is great. Truly great. That Dan was the genius, rich industrialist turned adventurer. And that Rorschach was his Mr Hyde. He has given up the cowl. He no longer patrols the nights. He did it because he dreamt of being a hero. He is a genius. He has the determination to learn to be an incredible fighter. He still maintains himself. He wallows in the memories. But those days have never left his mind.

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I love the character. YES, he still has trouble getting it up. Yes, the costumes help. And you better believe they fuck in Archie. But more importantly, you see that when he puts that costume back on, he pops back to life. And he loves it. But as rough as it is, there is something in how Carla plays her that is never fully defeated.

I love his stylized fighting as filmed. After watching shitty superhero fights for way too long, it did feel good to see these characters get it right. The violence, the sex and the weight of the material is intact, though truncated to a 2 hour and 40 minute running time. The new ending. As the movie nears its ending, it felt like it was rushing to an established conclusion.

While Harry takes his studying seriously, Max always needs to test boundaries and live on the edge.

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Yes, life with Harry seems a far more stable option. But in choosing stable, is she selling herself short? Her personal tutor Minnie Rushman certainly thinks so.


Max loves Lily but never seems to be able to put his feelings into words. When he discovers she has slept with Harry, he knows he can no longer stay and leaves Oxford. Abandoning his degree and finds a new career as a travel writer visiting extreme locations and often putting his life in danger a sort of nineteen sixties Bear Grylls. But then a trip to India to source material for a new collection changes everything…. The writing flows well and I loved the way the three characters interacted.

I have to admit to having soft spot for Max. In the beginning you see him as someone constantly challenging authority and doing the most outrageous things. Then as the story progresses we learn the reason for his behaviour is deeply rooted in his unhappy childhood.

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I desperately hoped for a happy ending for all three. Did that happen? Margaret James was born and brought up in Hereford and now lives in Devon. She studied English at London University, and has written many short stories, articles and serials for magazines. She is the author of sixteen published novels. Margaret is a long standing contributor to Writing Magazine for which she writes the Fiction Focus column and an author interview for each issue.

Margaret loves hearing from her readers, and can be found on both Facebook and Twitter. Good morning Caroline and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself? I came over the border from Sheffield to study law at Manchester uni and stayed. I have three gorgeous daughters and three greedy cats but only one husband!

I finally put pen to paper about ten years ago. I wrote very basic drafts of three or four novels, then decided short stories and poems were a lot less effort! Many of them were published in literary magazines and anthologies. A few years later, I came back to Beneath the Skin.


Though my novels are not crime fiction per se, I think my writing has been influenced by the blend of those genres too, so I write about contemporary lives but with intrigue, dark edges and secrets. And, of course, love. Roald Dahl has been another big influence.

My copy of Switch Bitch did the rounds at school but was eventually confiscated.

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I think my love of the twist and my need to surprise readers comes from there. Your debut novel, Beneath the Skin , is due to be published in October, can you tell us something about it? Good or bad, I do love all my characters! They first made an appearance in a short story called The Dinner Circle and the novel grew from there, mostly when I was musing in the bath! Set in the lush heartland of the Cheshire countryside, this is a tautly elegant psychological thriller, razor-sharp and utterly believable.

I loved it.