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Over time, Alaska expects this productivity saving to increase significantly once all three line maintenance applications are fully implemented. During the time trials, the mechanics preferred the iPad Minis, which could fit in a vest pocket, over the larger iPad format. Alaska is in the midst of deploying the Boeing line maintenance mobile applications, rolling out iPad Minis to all stations, starting with Seattle as the largest station.

Together, Boeing and Alaska vastly improved the ways which data was delivered to the application so that mechanics could continue to search content while totally disconnected from the internet, working on both infrastructure and app changes. To ensure that technicians are compliant, Alaska uses a compliance report which is part of the Toolbox Mobile Library. The device reports a transcript of all manuals downloaded on the device, and the compliance report collects the data status of all devices. In order to make the iPad Minis durable for the line maintenance environment, Alaska fitted the devices in Survivor Cases made by Griffin.

A number of recommendations have emerged from this process that might be useful for others embarking on a similar mobile strategy. Does somebody from an executive level want you to go mobile? We also recommend involving the IT organization as early as possible, even though some IT organizations may resist changes around mobile initiatives. Device management is a big consideration, as is data management. She has previous experience as a Lean Evangelist supporting several Boeing software development programs. In previous product management roles for Boeing and other organizations, she guided product roadmap development, managed customer and supplier relationships, successfully implemented cost saving measures, and streamlined business process changes.

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The World of Project Management; Getting it Right

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Mobility has gained great momentum in flight operations, paving the way for airline Maintenance and Engineering operations to also go mobile. To succeed in the marketplace, airlines can now take advantage of mobility and the opportunity to make information available at the airplane, whether at the flight line, in the hangar, or in the back office of a Maintenance and Engineering department. We approached Alaska Airlines, flydubai and Norwegian Air Shuttle as partners based on their forward-thinking attitude towards innovation, and their geographical locations, which allowed us to explore a variety of cultural and climate differences.

The idea generation workshop was attended by development partners, airline IT representatives and mechanics, and Boeing program team members. Line maintenance mobile applications.

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The implementation at Alaska Airlines Alaska Airlines. Figure 6 Building a case for mobility In , Alaska Airlines conducted time studies with technicians to determine how much time could be saved if they had mobile devices.

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    The Role of the Project Manager

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