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Also gone is the worst of the xenophobia and racial prejudice uttered against Othello. Opera unfolds as a morality play of a soul that gradually gives in. The production itself is surprisingly inert for David Alden, known to the Toronto audiences for a witty Maometto II and a dark, incest-laced Lucia di Lamermoor. Much of this Otello is grey walls and grey uniforms set and costume design by Jon Morrell , the action placed somewhere between the late 19 th century and WWI.

Boito gives him a monologue which, in the wrong hands, could sounds like the self-explanation of a Bond villain.

Otello libretto (English/Italian) - opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Gerald Finley in this production is tone-perfect. The God that created him and everything that exists is vile, and He created everything bad in his image, says Iago. His flawless command of verse, enunciation, meaning, and the musical line is the lifeblood of the opera. Evenly roll sheets of homemade dough, up to millimeters wide. Control the width of each sheet of dough for lasagna up to millimeters , fettuccine 1.

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Othello (character)

Made in Italy from chromed aluminium, anodized-aluminum rollers, and a solid elmwood base and knob that adds stability during use. There have been Otellos more dulcet or clarion, but Martinelli's is the complete portrayal: as lover, as madman, as penitent murderer. Each component of his characterization authenticates the impact of the others. So realistic is his choked and debilitated projection of grief at the opera's close that his ability actually to sing ''Desdemona! The Iago to Martinelli's Otello, as on 16 other occasions at the Met, is Lawrence Tibbett, the first in a line of distinguished American Verdi baritones.

He even appeared in ''King Lear'' on Broadway.

Here his swarthy baritone is prodigious in scale and implausibly pliable. Elisabeth Rethberg's Desdemona is both opulent and strong. No studio recordings of these three famous Verdians convey the high voltage of this stage performance.

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Martinelli's Otello and Tibbett's Iago are so celebrated that their excellence is astonishing without being surprising. The surprise lies elsewhere: in the pit.


What clinches this great performance is the incandescence of the Met orchestra and its conductor, Ettore Panizza. By the time James Levine became the company's music director in , it was a pardonable assumption that singers at the Met had forever suffered indifferent, dull or inept support. But Anton Seidl, Gustav Mahler and Toscanini at the turn-of-the-century Met could not have tolerated the sorry playing I remember from the 's and early 70's.

The orchestra propelling Martinelli's Otello is an Italian powderkeg. And why not? The roster, once mainly German, was now overwhelmingly Italian, including a few members, like the principal oboist Giacomo del Campo, who had played under Toscanini. With Toscanini's departure, in , the Met's Italian wing was entrusted to superior leaders: first Tullio Serafin, then Panizza. Born in Buenos Aires and trained in Milan, Panizza today barely a name conducted from to at La Scala, where Toscanini esteemed him.

So did Richard Strauss, who arranged for him to conduct ''Elektra'' in Vienna. His Met years were to For all his extensive European career, which also included Covent Garden, Panizza called the Met orchestra ''as fine a theater orchestra as I have seen in the world.

Otello - Atto 2 - Othello (Italian Version) second act - Giuseppe Verdi

Compared with Toscanini, he favors a broader play of tempo.