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This was a length ball that didn't rise as much, and Rohit was surprised by the lack of bounce. Ball angles in, and hits him on the back leg, so that's worrying for India. Was there any inside edge? There's a bit of a spike, but is that ball grazing the front-pad or bat?

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Umpire thinks that's grazed the front-pad and ball-tracking says that the ball is crashing into middle stump! V Kohli c.

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It's the googly that gets Kohli. Full on middle, and spinning into Kohli. He tries to whip this off his toes to midwicket, but the ball goes under his bat, and clips leg stump. AT Rayudu. India in tatters! Length ball on off, and Rayudu looks to defend off the front foot, but the ball jags away oh-so-slightly, and Rayudu has lost his off stump. No honeymoon homecoming for Dhoni! Full ball, and he looks to swing this down the ground, and inside-edges it on to the stumps.

There's stunned silence at the JSCA Stadium, and the crowd just about begins to realise what has happened as he walks back towards the pavillion. This was breezy, but all too brief from MS Dhoni. KM Jadhav. Jadhav asks Kohli if he should review, but his captain wants him to walk back. Good bowling from Zampa thus far today, and he is duly rewarded for it. More importantly, good on Australia to break what was a big partnership for India. V Shankar. Shankar goes. Full on off, and he tries to slog across the line again.

RA Jadeja. Tries to clear mid-on, but he's toe-ended the shot straight to that man.

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Game over? Kuldeep Yadav. Australia stay alive in this series to make it Full on off, and Kuldeep goes for a leg-side heave. Slices it into the air, and cover makes no mistake.

New Zealand vs West Indies Match Result Full Scorecard (ODI)

Mohammed Shami. Toe-ends the shot, and that's lobbed in the air. Taken at cover. JJ Bumrah. Fall of wickets: Shikhar Dhawan, 3. India , elected to field first. Player Of The Match. Usman Khawaja. Series result. India led the 5-match series Match number.

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ODI no. Hours of play local time. Match days. Chettithody Shamshuddin Joel Wilson.

TV Umpires. Kumar Dharmasena. Reserve Umpire. Match Referee. Ranjan Madugalle.

TRISTAN UND ISOLDE by Richard Wagner (Audio + Orchestral Score)

Powerplay 1: Overs 0. Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja - a pair of comfortable old shoes Khawaja credits familiarity with his captain as the reason for the success of the opening pair against India in Ranchi. Aaron Finch dismissal brings ball-tracking back in focus The replay showed the ball pitching on leg stump, when it had pitched on middle stump. The music is usually reduced to two staves ; however, more staves, a second keyboardist piano-four-hands , or a second keyboard part can be added, as needed.

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There are two main types of piano-vocal scores. The first kind consists of those scores created by a composer in the process of composing, usually as a harmonic map or "sketch" of the piece to be later orchestrated.

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  • The second category includes scores that are arrangements or transcriptions made after the completion of the work, usually by someone other than the composer. Piano-vocal scores are generally created to enable a conductor or choir leader to rehearse the singers with a piano accompanist before the choir begins rehearsals with the orchestra.

    The cost of rehearsing with a professional orchestra is so high that choirs typically hold a number of rehearsals with piano accompaniment to prepare the choir, as the cost of hiring a single piano accompanist is much lower than hiring orchestral musicians. Piano-vocal scores are also used by music students, singers and conductors to study the compositional structure of the score.

    Dover Full Orchestral Scores | Sheet music at JW Pepper

    Before the widespread availability of sound recordings, piano-vocal scores were also sold for amateur home performance or small-scale professional performance of the piece, where a full orchestra would not be feasible from an economic or performance space perspective. While piano-vocal scores tend to consist of the vocal lines and a piano reduction of the whole orchestra onto two staves, piano-conductor scores tend to consist of the vocal lines and one of the orchestral piano parts that already exists, coupled with another staff containing the rest of the orchestral reduction in contrast to a piano-vocal score, where the piano and other orchestral parts cannot be easily separated at sight.

    In a piano-conductor score, orchestral part entries are usually visibly tagged in the third staff. While piano-vocal scores provide a full accompaniment for rehearsals, reduced performances, etc. This is especially relevant when the conductor is conducting not from the podium, but from the piano while playing the indicated piano part often seen in musical theatre orchestras.