F***ing the Farms Billionaire (A Billionaire Cow Girl First Time Bondage Erotica Story)

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But when the Gates of Hell open wide to grant her wish, she gets more than she ever dreamed possible. Beware of what you wish for Guaranteed to keep you satisfied and leave you dripping with satisfaction. This book contains adult themes, harsh language, and sexual content not intended for under eighteen. An Epic Read. So fulfilling. So satisfying. Its a culinary competition and Rhia needs to win for her life's sake but how did things took a turn and so many chefs all want to go in Rhia's hot little pot.

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Rhia's boyfriend, Brandon, watches it all. How hot will one little pot get and how many chefs are cooking? Find out right now! Fulfill your Wild West fantasies with this unbelievable collection of stories. Six incredible experiences that are sure to scorch your chaps! Billy Crieger has a dream, a plan to put himself amongst the wealthy Charlestonians he has so loyally served for all these years. Success has finally come his way, the Plantation has a full member roster and all his debts are paid, he has even purchased the downtown mansion of his interior designer the late Sue Connor WATCHED.

But Billy has a secret that threatens to bring his instant success to a screeching halt. A mysterious murder within the walls of his beloved swing club may expose his client list to the public. Charlestonians value their privacy above all else, so Billy must ensure them that their secrets will remain silent. His contractor Mike is the top suspect, and as soon as Mike is formally charged with the murder, Billy can reopen the Plantation for business.

But Mike has some friends in his corner; his dead lover and her former husband Sue and Chris Conner are fighting to prove his innocence.

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This sequel to Watched will keep you guessing. Approximately 37, words.

The room was dark; no windows graced the room at all as it was the centermost room in The Plantation. Stone walls enclosed the room in a visage of doom. Immediately Shannon began undressing him. Mike wondered if he was ever going to understand her magnetism. She threw his clothes in haste onto a stone bench next to the door they had just come in. Standing naked in front of her Mike allowed himself to be examined.

Shannon ran her hands in and around his body purposely checking his ass for potential weapons. Her fingers sliding into his hole without lubrication caused pain to shoot up his spine he shriveled under her dragon painted fingernails. But Mike knew the game and the rush of playing along thrilled him to the core. The outside of his skin was near freezing, but the blood in his veins was pounding with heat. She forced him to the wall at the far end of the room and bound his hands over his head with the iron cuffs that were chained to the wall above him.

His cock was hard and hot against her thighs as she forced his limbs to comply. Bending down, making a point to shove her fully clothed ass in his face, she buckled his ankles into the shackles at the bottom of the wall. His prick bounded with the need to plunge into that tiny soft centered ass. Shannon stood in front of him and observed her work. With a look of satisfaction she left him pressed firmly against the cold stone of the wall while she walked to the bathroom.


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It was a sudden massive infusion of banging and screaming that Mike expected yet it never seemed to omit shocking him. Shannon returned dressed in thigh high black leather boots, a leather corset with a matching black leather spiked band around her neck. Mike could see the silver from her nipple piercings poking through her generous tits.

His cock rose higher as she stepped towards him, it followed her every move. She finally lands a lucrative deal to steal a box from a renowned billionaire. The deal runs smooth until she realizes that she is trapped.

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Andris Orra is a gay millionaire who cannot face his parents with the truth about his sexuality. He will do anything to cover his status, he lures Mimi into his home. Will Mimi agree to his proposal? But when Amber, a transgendered woman, gets harassed at a bar, a man named Matt comes in and stops the man from harassing her. However, she immediately gets sucked into his world and starts to learn about the true nature of the other man.

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Not only that, she also has the other problem of Travis, the homophobe who was harassing her at the bar. She could tell that he hated her, and when he starts to take drastic actions, things immediately change. Will Amber and Matt be able to handle a relationship with one another? Or will it stop before the fire starts? Our story begins with Kristen, a thirty-something nurse who devotes her life to helping people both on the clock and off. She unknowingly meets and falls in love with dangerous vampire, Violet, who is using her for blood.

When Kristen accidentally sees her girlfriend at a downtown bar when she is supposed to be out of town on a business trip, she makes the decision to spy on her. She not only sees Violet kissing another woman, she sees her feeding off of her and debates confronting her in public. These two will struggle through obstacles both internal and external to be to gathered in the end. While Riley is ecstatic for this job straight out of college, his personal life is in shambles when his long-term, live-in boyfriend, Jacob, cheats on him and subsequently moves in with another man. To get over it, Riley throws himself into his work.

The problem is that at work, there are even more distractions. Deeply in love and successful, it seemed as if nothing could go wrong for them, Until Michael encounters Sylvia.

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Beautiful in an unearthly and irresistible way, quickly it becomes apparent that Sylvia is more than meets the eye. After an encounter that Michael greatly regrets, He is told of terrible news Sylvia has fallen pregnant. He is now faced with the struggle of telling his lover the heartbreaking news. But something is not right Does not end with a "cliffhanger". Anita in a bitter relationship breaks up with Alex and she met Natasha shortly after Anita Park is in a bitter relationship, and when she breaks up with Alex Sutherland, she is determined to start her life over.

She moves to a new city, South Beach, and when she reaches there, she is welcomed by a sexy neighbor, Natasha Woods. They become close friends over time, and after a while, Anita is not sure whether the feelings that she has for Natasha are attraction or something else.

The main reason for this is that she has never been in an intimate relationship with another woman before. Natasha Woods is determined to make Anita Park her lover right from the very first time that she set her eyes on her. Anita has all she has been looking for in a lover, and it is almost impossible to resist her curves. She goes ahead with seducing Anita, but the big question is, will the seducer become the seduced? Will a female to female relationship work out for Anita, or will she opt out of the relationship? This sexy, BBW Lesbian Romance is a standalone with no cliffhangers and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.

In a time when witches, warlocks and werewolves walked among us and while the alien Hroth migrated to our world, the young Dr. Marla Navarro found such unexpected and such different love. With her star-man, Laird and her wolf-man, Jason, she tried to carve out a quiet life on a rustic farm in rural New Hampshire. What follows when the lovers refuse is a tale of intrigue, abduction, betrayal and the threat of such terrible loss.

Taken by The Menage Triple your pleasure with this steamy collection of menage a trois adventures! Books Pages News Articles Search. Nineteen Weeks Amy Silver had a conventional life as a suburban housewife married to a successful man. List Date: Mar Rating: 5. February fecal feces Fed fed federal federalism federalist Federal Reserve System federate federation fed up fee feeble feeble-minded feed feedback feedbag feeding feel feeler feeling feelings feet feign feint feisty feline fell fellow fellowship felon felony felt felt-tip pen fem.

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