Divorce Survival Secrets: Essential Strategies to Protect Your Children, Your Assets and Your Sanity

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He is the extrovert with tons of friends. He makes a lot of money. No one seems to care what he has done.

Everything is all on his terms while playing house down the street. It just sucks.. Well, HE IS and they needed to know it.

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They deserve to know the truth. The are old enough to know that their dad is a cheater and liar. He cheated when I was pregnant with our second born. They need to know that this is not healthy behavior. This is not how a marriage relationship works. This is emotional abuse. Where else are they going to find this out besides their mom who kept silent for 25 years? Abuse ends when we finally start sticking up for ourselves and others. Thank you!

So similar about controlling the narrative. So I helped to finish the line …yes kids I love you too. But dad wants to divorce me and is going to live somewhere else tonight. One year and counting no contact.

How to Leave Your Husband When You Have No Money

Love it!! One day I realized a ton of photo albums were missing from our bedroom closet. I approached the Lying Cheater and asked him what happened to the photos. The pictures that were still on the wall. Lies, lies, lies yeah. There gonna get you. Lying to the pastor. Lying to me. Lying to our kids. Lying to his family. Lying to my family. Lying to people at work. But yeah. Good luck with that. He asked me with a straight face if he could take some plant pots to make his balcony more homely. After 4 hours of this madness he fully expected the kids who were standing around as their dad strip mined the house including taking the beer out of the fridge to come with him to help unpack and decorate his new apartment which he just happened to get organised a couple of days after he told me he wanted a divorce.

To think my kids now have this mental picture in their heads of how a 25 year relationship ends as perfectly normal freaks me out.

How to Divorce an Abusive Husband? [Expert Tips] | Survive Divorce

Can I be excused for thinking he was having a mental breakdown? Any respect I had for him is buried under the pile of shit that he keeps shoveling himself into. Also — what is it with these men who seem unhealthily attached to their mothers still? I have a mental picture of her snooping around my house with a clip board making notes of everything in my house while i was at work.

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The plants???? After I filed for divorce, she packed pretty much everything up that was in the common areas. When I confronted her about it, she went bat shit crazy, so I recorded her and told her I was doing so. Best thing I ever did. I ended up with very little household goods to keep the peace, but kept the antique furniture and other things I wanted.

I can tell you why Durt was so close to his mom: she was of use to him. The slut puppet still believes it while he runs around with his side pieces. Oh my goodness, all these posts. They are all so much alike. Well, he said it was all behind closed doors. Oh brother. When it all came out all the lies he was telling — he was so mad. I went through this exact same thing 20 years ago with my first husband, but thankfully we had no kids and no assets, and he divorced me without my knowing — which was great. When I stopped reacting to his insanity and went grey rock, the crazier he became and then everyone figured out he was the crazy one.

My best friend from elementary school later apologized for believing the rotten things he said about me to her, he was that convincing.

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    They blame everyone else. As said by someone else — they play the victim so people will feel sorry for them — while they victimize and manipulate others. They will watch you hurt and look at you with dead cold eyes. I am just heartbroken that this time I had a daughter that has to be dragged through this crap.

    But, yes, it is abuse. Keep up the good fight, Martha!! Strangely enough, my old husbands new love used her own kids to ingratiate herself into his life- having them do special things and send weirdly familiar Facebook videos to him while we were still married. Ugh No, the OW in my case also worked things the same way. The relationship between my husband and OW was totally on line. We were in in Wis and she was in TX.

    The OW had 8 kids by 5 different fathers. She had the kids write letters and cards to my husband calling him Daddy and that they loved him. They had never met him. She was in the process of being divorced by her 3rd husband over an affair she had there. I sent copies of these cards, letters to the natural father. She was screaming over that. She was training my husband to feel responsible for these kids. She was also training her kids to accept a person they had never met as their father.

    I can see her forcing these kids to write.

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    Very disturbing person. They have small children at home but instead of embracing those gifts, they rather engage in an affair? I think with this level of fuckedupness, you will find that custody will change in the future to your favor as it has for me. How is it possible to find time to have an affair with newborns, or the energy, and why would anyone be interested in a zombie mom!

    Buying crack with 3 babies in the car!