A Defense of the Apostle Paul in Absentia

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This kind of lack of seriousness and derision is why I seldom comment in the hostile environment of this blog. You mistake insults for conversation.

Some Character Traits of Paul, the Apostle

Not very inviting for others to seriously participate. The only explanation for a new religion is a miracle? Lots of new religions have appeared through history. No need to go to all the extra trouble of returning from the dead; just dying alone was able to do it. Ha ha, only kidding. Their faith became stronger than ever, and they eventually coalesced into the denomination now known as the 7th-Day Adventists. Hell, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels died for what they believed in, too, and for the next half century there were true-believing Nazis who were convinced they were hiding out somewhere in Latin America and would return to lead the Fourth Reich to its justly deserved glory.

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At least as much as the original claim that all initial Christians were Jews. What do you think the residents of upstate New York were in the s?

Well, you omit a lot of historical events to reach your conclusions. In the 1st century Middle East there were a lot of potential messiahs. Many were even named Yashu Jesus. Why so you many Jewish followers dropped out of the cult was because of the failed revolts and subsequent disfavor of Jews in the Empire.

James is evidently was upset with Saul and sent Peter to straighten things out. Since Saul preached heavily in goyish communities it makes sense that after the put down of Israel the goys create their religion by mixing their own religious beliefs and understanding with what survived from Saul. The Christianity of today was devised and defined under Constantine for his own purposes. He understood religion as the opiate of the masses and the handle of the wealthy and powerful. The teaching that jesus was sent to die for our sins is not true, it is all made up by the apostles to hide the truth that jesus was punished by God through the beatings of men for pretending to be a son of God.

So to say that God allowed jesus to die for us is to make God a liar because you made it appear that He broke His own law in deut. Everyone who has committed sin will pay for it. Let us read the elaboration…. The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father, nor will the father share the guilt of the son.

The righteousness of the righteous man will be credited to him, and the wickedness of the wicked will be charged against him. We will be responsible for our sins we commit to God and to other men. Do we still need Jesus for our sins to be forgiven? We cannot say that jesus was without sin — for he was born of a woman and a man born of a woman cannot claim that he is without sin? Job NIV We are all born free, with freedom to make choices, no one may say that he had not committed sin in his lifetime.

The question now is what was jesus death for? Luke NIV.

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He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David. Now we can see that the prophecy in 2 Sam about a coming descendant of David and not a son of God has been fulfilled. Considering the prophecy in II Samuel that if the descendant of David commits a wrong or an iniquity, he will be punished with the rod of men.

Was Jesus-the descendant of King David punished by the rod and floggings of men? But he had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified. Matthew NIV. We can discover for ourselves that based on what God said in the prophecy that the real reason why He allowed Jesus -the descendant of king David to be beaten by men was not for our sins but for his Jesus own wrongdoing. What you are reading now about Jesus as only a son of David who was punished by God by the floggings of men and not a son of God is what Jesus wants all of us to know about him as this is his testimony in Revelation Before you reply on this-it is best that you read the full Bible revelation of Teacher Erano Martin Evangelista in this link:.

Who knows what Paul really thought about Jesus?

Enduring Word Bible Commentary 1 Thessalonians Chapter 2

None of his original writings survive — only copies and translations. As things stand alone, Paul never met Jesus or was subjected to his teachings — whatever they really were. Again, none of the original writings survive. One thing we do know is that the Jesus myth predates christianity in pagan religions just like the Jewish kings and such were actually borrowed from Egyptian stories. As far as translations…not necessary.

You need early writings to know what the original authors said. Any claim that Paul said anything is only a probabalistic statement.

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And I would call the quotes from Ignatius who became a bishop soon after Paul was martyred and Marcion who wrote in a time frame when some who had heard Paul himself may still have been alive to be pretty darn early. Nevertheless, for such a remarkable claim as that there is a supernatural being who created everything, this barely begins to get at the magnitude of evidence necessary to support it.

Your reply is getting a little bit to the ridiculous side of red herring. Even if we had an original letter of Paul, what the heck would that have to do with proving that there was a supernatural being who created everything? And, of course, millions of Christians would salivate in precisely the opposite direction, saying that this makes the mountain of evidence even stronger for their position.

Potentially quite a lot, actually. What hole do you imagine in the manuscript evidence? New Testament manuscripts have been found closer to their 1st century source than any other writings we have. Name one well-known writing from that period that is as early and as well-sourced as the NT writings. Our earliest are from the 10th and 11th centuries Pliny? Nothing before the 9th century Tactitus?

Have to go all the way to the 12th century. And Aristotle? Where Aristotle makes untestable, religious statements, no one cares. If you had the original document written one day after the resurrection claim for some other religion, would you switch horses? You keep spouting off rhetoric here — back up a second and be real. Oh yes, I freely admit it would take more, much more than this to convince me. I can be convinced—but it takes evidence, not emotion, or a great story, to do the job. I think that path is ridiculous and could only be suggested by someone whose mind was made up long before they embarked on it.

Do you actually accept and believe the rather extraordinary supernatural claims of Christianity? If so, what convinced you?

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Or did you just grow up believing it because everyone around you also believed? How do you know that your supernatural experiences came from Jesus? Maybe they came from another source and you just put a Jesus face on them. Heck, maybe they came from the Dark Lord designed to deceive you. Maybe your interpretation of these experiences was wrong. Thanks for your honesty. Yes, I was a true believer, and even a preacher at one time. But the closer at the extraordinary claims of Christianity I looked, the less I liked what I saw. I decided to follow the evidence where it led, and eventually de-converted.

I see for you, mostly what draws you to the faith is what kept me in it: Mostly personal and emotional experiences, with maybe an interesting random event or two thrown in here and there.