3 Mistakes Keeping You From Being More Productive ...And What To Do About Them Immediately!

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It lets you keep a track of your projects from start to finish. Your teams can collaborate with each other, manage the to-do list, prioritize the reporting across all projects. A customer is what makes or breaks any company. Productivity is often measured in terms of revenue and money that is generated from the customer.

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Hence, it is important to keep the customer happy in all stages of life. Zendesk is a customer support software that helps to strengthen the customer relationship. Products offered are live chat, proactive campaigns, social messaging apps, shared team inbox, integrated call center software and reporting. A Marketing Automation Service for ecommerce that helps you to manage multichannel messaging campaigns and automate them easily.

Automating processes is the best thing that you can do to instantly raise your productivity. Automation is necessary as it helps to save precious time that can be put to use somewhere else. Although, it is good to help your colleagues and juniors when they are overburdened but to always remain available for them might be bad for you.

Shun that habit of spoonfeeding everything to your juniors and you will be amazed to see that you have actually improved the productivity of your juniors as well as yourself. A polite NO is all you need to preserve your energy and complete the things that matters to you the most. Apply this in your life and you will instantly notice the benefits you are getting.

But, you have to give it a start and slowly you will master the art of saying NO to others and saying YES to yourself. Work delegation is an important part of productivity hierarchy and one should follow it in order to reach the zenith of their respective fields. Work delegation helps to raise the output of both yourself and your employees.

1. Checking email constantly

It is the responsibility of the leader to raise this level by adopting enhanced work techniques and smart delegation strategies. Delegation is the means through which you bring out the best in every people. Your method of delegation should change as per the experience of the employees. Here are some methods to do that:. Low Experience — Employees who are new and hold little experience in the field should be given detailed instructions as to what they should do and what is the output that is expected. Medium Experience — Employees who have more than a year of experience in the field should be told what is the output that is expected.

You must give them a free hand to complete the task and should not direct them what to do. High Experience — Employees who have ample experience doing a job should be dealt with easily. A simple easy interaction is what you need to get the task done. Managers often make the mistake of saying the same story right from A to Z to every category of employees and this is what kills time.

For every category of employees the amount of information needed to deliver differs. Master this habit of work delegation and productivity will be improved automatically. You need 4 things to work in your favor in order to become productive. These are knowledge, skill, attitude and character. Skills play an important role into making you an expert in your field.

Communication skills — Effective communication is the key to better productivity. You must know the art of communicating with your boss, your junior, your seniors, the office boy and most importantly the clients. If you are following the same style of communication with each one of them then you are making a big mistake. You must learn to change the pitch of your voice and clarity while talking to the person based on the information that is to be delivered and the position of that employee.

For example, your juniors might need a more clarified response from you as compared to experienced employees. However, when it comes to your dealing with your seniors, you should not argue with them but instead be polite when explaining your point. If we learn the basics of smart communication then it becomes really easier for us to raise our productivity levels. Time management skills — You must know when to start and when to end.

Most of the times, starting is the most difficult part of the strategy. You should have an idea as to when to start your working day, how much time to spend on important projects, how much time to devote for meetings etc. The difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful person is effective management of time.

Here are some essential time management skills one should possess:. Research and analysis skills — Every great work demands research and analysis.

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If you are not putting your efforts to research on the work before getting the final product then you might hamper the end result. An unproductive employee often does not cares about doing any research and just copy pastes ideas of their seniors. You must have the capability to do great research as and when needed. Also, raising productivity means comparing the ROI and output of your work from current vs past.

This can be done only if you have good analytical skills. You can be creative if you want to do so. The more creative you are, the better opportunities you will get thereby improving your overall productivity. When was the last time you showed some creativity in your work? If you are having a hard time then start becoming creative from today. Leadership skills — Managing a team is one of the most difficult tasks that you will have to face in your professional career.


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It is easy to get output from yourself but hard to get output from your team. A great leader should know how to communicate effectively with the team, should have a proper plan in place and most importantly, the implementation of the plan should not be delayed.

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When your boss scolds at you, you react! Similarly, when your client disagrees with you, you react! Reaction is nothing but frustration.

12 Things to Avoid If You Want to Become Rich

If we all start learning from the mistakes we make in our lives and start responding to it then all will be good. Humans have a tendency to make a mistake. And this self-sustaining virtuous circle goes round and round; all you have to do is provide this initial push. Is this so hard?

Well, yes, it usually is. For many reasons. Keep employees accountable by setting deadlines for projects and tasks. Then act as if the work will be done by that date without constantly checking on progress. When your employees see that you trust them, they rise to the challenge. As already stated, understanding them can give you ideas of how you can combat inefficiency and unsatisfactory levels of productivity. Motivation is a huge factor in almost everything we do. How fast and how well employees do their job will hinge on whether or not they want to do it fast and well.

Extrinsic motivation is an incentive to do something that comes from your environment. For instance, your kid wants to eat their veggies because then they are allowed to eat their ice cream later too. Or because if they refuse, no TV for tonight. Intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, comes from within. Now, what does this have to do with workplace productivity?

Well, a lot. Productivity truly, in its simplest form, should be defined as: Creativity meets Routine meets Consistency.

Break These 8 Bad Habits to Boost Your Productivity

Without any of these key components, there is no productivity. Creativity is what fuels our desire and gives us the motivation to want to get the basics down, so we can be productive.

Creativity gives us the opportunity to think of new methods, opportunities, relationships and situations to put ourselves in. This creativity and curiosity inspires productivity. It gets our brains moving and this synergy, before long, helps us to stop feeling sorry about our situation. Deep thinking fuels planning. Productivity is always driven by planning.

Ten Ways To Be 10x More Productive At Work

Once the fire has been lit, you can truly do anything you set your mind to. Otherwise known as low extrinsic motivation. However, you can get them to care about what happens to them if they do their job well. Productivity has a chance to go up if employees are working towards some goal that they care about, whether this is a promotion, a pay rise, better clients or something else.