151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers

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  • 151 Quick Ideas to Get New Customers.

To lay the Get a three-ring binder groundwork for developing and a set of tabs and collect a communications strategy, your samples. This will bestart by gathering samples come a reference guide of all the tools, tricks, and when you sit down with othtales that have been used in ers to establish a strategic the past to communicate inapproach to increasing sales.


For example, organizations that develop detailed proposals as part of their approach often create works of art that never find their way into routine sales collaterals. Retailers tend to reminisce about that one record-breaking sale, but often fail to capture the principles of the offer, the details of the sales results, and the potential environmental factors that played a major part.

Look for: existing customers lists; profiles and buying histories; market potential reports; internal and external newsletters; mission, vision, and value statements; business and marketing plans; PowerPoint presentations; advertising copy; competitor analysis; annual reports; employee lists; organization charts; and financial statements. Nothing compares to sitting in a planning meeting and being able to provide a voice of reason because you have the facts right in front of you.

Retailers with point-of-sale technology and customer-loyalty programs lead the pack in customer intelligence.

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  6. Small professional services firms know their customers as well as the Assignment back of their hand. Work through your cliLook for the natural ent list and make notes in two sorters in your customer columns. List what you like profiles and their buying about them in column one pattern.

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    Complete the aselements that will help you signment in Idea 14 to help reach out to prospects target more of the customthat mirror your favorite ers you desire. Epilogue All customers are not created equal. An industrial builder reviewed all their new customers for the past two years. These prospects learned that a high percentage of their business was related to local business owners looking for a new building site.

    They had no idea! Needless to Assignment say, they now put them Examine your customer everywhere possible— list and trace the path backgetting them up early wards. They also fluenced them along the way. The result was referring partner came into increased sales! Epilogue Knowledge of the past can greatly enhance the future. You decide. Promotional strategies, such as the one in this example, can be a legitimate element in the marketing mix, if the promotion helps you to attract profitable customers. BeAssignment cause the coupons were Determine the customconceived as important to ers or the categories of business development, the customers present in your restaurant needs to considmix of business that are holder every dollar it is not ing your business back from charging these customers respectable profitability.

    This has not been a eliminate them or dilute their good investment of its marinfluence by strategically keting dollars, and the balancing your mix. Branding tells us to brand through repetition, consistency, and fulfillment. This includes the way we perform our sales efforts. There are many organizations that present Assignment themselves one way in their corporate marketing proDo you maintain your grams and then establish a branding strategy across completely different peryour marketing mix?

    Does spective in their sales the message in your curactivities. Make sure you rent brand represent your and the company sales primary value proposition? If you have a weak brand, work to make it stronger while hanging onto the good parts. Get some professional help to get started.

    A franchise hardware store receives a lot of market information from corporate relating to the community around its store. They routinely invite groups of local merchants to the store, coordinate a sharing of market intelligence, and help to develop promotional programs to benefit the entire group. A training and consulting firm has a large conference Assignment room it uses for training and Take inventory of the client projects.

    The firm things you have that you makes this room available for could share with your board and committee meetcommunity—consider ings after hours. They would time, talent, treasure, and be attending the meetings facilities. The firm displays project profiles in the common areas as a way to help guests understand the kind of solutions the firm provides. Many new customers have come through the channels these visitors represent. Epilogue Sharing is caring. Research has demonstrated that most people prefer to do business with people who show they care. When establishing your business development programs, you should always take time to devise your own business development continuum.

    Quick Ideas to Get New Customers by Jerry R. Wilson, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

    You will find an example in the Appendix of this book. If you are planning to invest in advertising, take time to make certain the advertising will lead to results. What results? It must provide leads in the community who may not know you yet, or, move qualified prospects to action. And it should Assignment lead existing customers to Examine a selection of provide referrals or repeat your planned or previous sales. You can maximize the promotional elements and potential of every marketing trace them systematically investment by considering back to how they can or did the broader potential impact impact sales.

    Epilogue Make sure you are on the road to someplace good. Promotional budgets for events often range from 10 to 20 percent of sales. By definition, advertising is a public announcement in print media, radio, TV, or Internet in order to attract or increase interest in a specific product or service. Advertising also has the distinction of being one of the most expensive promotional elements you can use.

    Therefore, it should be used only when you know who your prospects are, where they can be found, and what message will resonate with them. As is the case with every element in the marketing Assignment mix, advertising works best Draft an advertising apwhen integrated into a busiproach with no initial concern ness development program. Focus on develKnowing the lifetime value oping a where and why—a of your customers and how wish list of sorts. Later, this many customers you need approach can be scaled until to acquire this year will go you come up with a program a long way in helping you you can afford.

    It was written by an objective journalist, right? If you see an ad in the same newspaper, you view it as a paid commercial and probably discount the message it contains because it is just a sales pitch. This reality positions public relations PR as an important element in the marketing mix, because the journalist who wrote that first story probably got his or her idea from some public relations effort.

    By definition, public reAssignment lations is the practice of establishing, maintaining, and Make a list of your key improving a favorable relapublics and consider infortionship between an institution mation you have access to or person and the public.

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    Then develop an tain material useful for approach to provide it. Public relations should be an ongoing priority in your business development program. This means the company has developed a list of informative topics that it believes the public will be interested in hearing. Executing a successful PR campaign without makAssignment ing a pest of yourself with Make a list of elements the media and the public is of your business that could hard work.

    Would being seen as a source of this information help you to build your business? Epilogue Instead of talking louder so people will hear you, try coming up with interesting things to say so people will pay attention.

    Promote it with abandon by reproducing the story and making sure that each of your key audiences gets the opportunity to read it. Assignment u Frame the stories to Imagine that the hang in your offices.

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    List all communications. Make sure mailings to suppliers.

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    Epilogue This type of bragging is good for business and is not what your mother warned you about. Imagine the amount of information it takes to produce a daily newspaper or TV newscasts; this demand for information creates a great opportunity for organizations with an organized approach to public relations. If promoting an event, you will focus on entertainment editors and community calendars. If you have something relating to health and wellness you may focus on the journalists on the health beat.

    A retailer introducing a new product should tie the use of the product to some significant consumer problem. The media is not your Assignment mother! Be confident and industry-specific outlets.

    The reand community news? Epilogue An attitude of sharing versus selling will take you a long way with the media and other key audiences. Nothing compares to community when it Assignment comes to sharing your Document the various comchallenges, expenses, munities in which your business and troubles. Think participates.